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The 2006 Directory

From The 2003 Directory:


The Austin Environmental Directory is meant as a user-friendly guide to readers for learning about environmental issues, for identifying and purchasing environmental products, and for becoming involved in environmental organizations. The print version is distributed free to the Austin area. The Directory is also listed on the Internet at as a series of PDFs.

The Directory is edited by Paul Robbins, a longtime environmental activist residing in Austin. He wrote about two-thirds of the issue, with government agencies and non-profit organizations producing sections relevant to their programs. These agencies and organizations received this space at greatly reduced cost.

Businesses in subjects that the book discusses and local environmental groups are given free listings. However, the book is supported through advertising and contributions from individuals and environmental groups.

This Years Topics

This is the 6th issue of the Directory since 1995. The theme article is about energy. With energy prices soaring and environmental consequences of conventional energy use now inescapable, the topic is very much on people's minds. Without oil, gas, and coal, the world would not currently be able to provide enough natural resources to supply the food, heat, light, transportation, shelter, clothing, and other materials to support its 6.5 billion people. And the question in the back, or front, of people's minds is what will happen if this artificial life support gets scarce?

There are 4 stories in this section. Petrolistan is about oil and war. It examines the U.S. history and costs of defending oil, and makes some predictions about the future. Fire on Ice looks at the safety, environmental, and economic impacts of one conventional alternative energy source coming to the fore, Liquefied Natural Gas. It is of particular interest to Texas, which has more proposed terminals for this fuel than any other state or province in North America. There is a section about Clean Energy Alternatives that individuals can take to use less conventional energy. The last section discusses how the Austin region can seek energy independence and emerge Out of the Wilderness.

Much of the information and analysis in this article has never been reported by any other Austin publication. The new edition also includes updated or rewritten sections on food, green building, Austins clean energy programs, water conservation, recycling, environmental groups, and parks.

While facts in the Directory were carefully researched, only the theme section on energy has documentation (at the end of the section). The Directory is primarily printed on newsprint with 25% post-consumer recycled content (with exception of the cover stock).


Edited and Produced by Paul Robbins

Energy and Environmental Group Sections by Paul Robbins

Locally-Grown Food Section
by Paul Robbins, with contribution from Jacque Gates

Green Building Section
by Liana Kallivoka, with contributions from Katie Jensen, Mary McLeod, Richard Morgan, Rich MacMath, Dick Peterson, Paul Robbins, and Gail Vittori

Clean Energy Section
by Jerrel Gustafson, Tim Kisner, Lyn von Roeder, Paul Robbins, and Fred Yebra

Recycling/Composting Section
by Paul Robbins, with contrbutions from Emily Walter and Cathy Ramsey

Water Conservation Section
by Mark Wieland, with contributions from Paul Robbins

Environmental Sites Section
by Mike Crevier, Paul Robbins, and Charles Williams

Air Quality Page
by Deanna Altenhoff

Artists and Photographers:
Margaret Campbell Bamberger (Cover Art), Dan Harrison, Wendy Hale Davis, John Dolley, Ben Sargent, C. David Seidlitz, Jim Walker, and Mark Wieland

Proofreaders and Advisors: Karin Ascot, Daniel Berra, Dave Dobbs, Greta Gardner, Jackie Goodman, Toye Goodson, Kathy Guido, Lyndon Henry, Bob King, Lyn von Roeder, Martha Meacham, Rosina Newton, Bob Russell, Rick Piltz, Tom Smith, Tony Switzer, Kunda Lee Wicce, Gail Vittori

Computer Assistance by Bill Christensen, Tim Jones, Jeff Sibley, Jeanine Sih, and Jim Walker

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by Jeanine Sih Christensen and Bill Christensen of Sustainable Sources

Please note: at this time, the online version of the directory is only available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format. Check back soon for improvements and expansion of this directory.


Though great effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in the Austin Environmental Directory, the publication assumes no responsibility and disclaims any injury, damage, or economic loss resulting from the use or effect of any product or information specified within the publication. Information in the Austin Environmental Directory does not necessarily reflect the endorsement of the advertising sponsors. While this publication is meant as a guide for environmental products and services, it cannot be a substitute for product quality assurance by the manufacturers and providers of these products and services; it cannot be a replacement for preferences of individual consumers; and it cannot be an alternative to common sense employed by consumers who use the products and services discussed herein. It is recommended that consumers follow instructions in product and service manuals and on labels to ensure safe use.

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