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What Is the Directory? (file size 2.8mb)


Energy and the Environment

Introduction (file size 1.4mb)

Revisionist Evolution
Frequently Asked Questions

Part 1. Petrolistan - Oil & War (file size 1.4mb)

The Countries With Oil
The U.S. Military in Petrolistan
Transportation Danger
Cost of U.S. Military Presence & Financial Aid
Democracy & Human Rights
Corruption and Poverty
Resource Use (Like Lemmings)
Petrolistan - The Sequel

Part 2. Fire on Ice - Liquefied Natural Gas

Safety - A Look At the Record
Safety - The Best and Worst Case
The Great Cold Rush
LNG in the Lone Star State
Secure the Perimeter
Texas LNG Terminals

Corpus Christi
Calhoun County
Port Arthur

LNG Around the Country
LNG in the Northeast
The Energy Bridge
LNG on the West Coast
LNG Down South
Possession is 9/10ths of the Law
New Rules
The Price of the Bottom Line

Part 3. Things People Can Do To Use Clean Energy (file size 1.1mb)

Retrofit Your Residence
Efficient Heating & Cooling
Energy-Efficient Lamps
Water Heating
Food & Energy
Efficient Vehicles

Environmental Groups (file size 2.1mb)

General Purpose
Air pollution
Grassroots Organizing
Parks Organizations
Special Purpose
Trees & Plants
Water Quality

Green Building (file size 3.2mb)

Step 1: Assess Your Needs & Priorities
Step 2: Form Your Team
Step 3: Design for Your Conditions
Step 4: Choose Green Materials
Step 5: Choose the Right Energy Systems
Step 6: Outdoor Benefit from Your Site
Step 7: Test and Maintain Your Green Home
Green Building Rating Programs
Green Materials
  Low-Toxic Paint
  Concrete Alternatives
  Floor Materials
  Roof Materials
  Advanced Board Systems

Locally Grown Food (file size 3.2mb)

Farmers' Markets, Farms Stands, CSAs

Houston Clean Energy Factsheets

In June 2008, a series of factsheets on clean energy for buildings and electricity production was released by Public Citizen of Texas, written by the author of the Environmental Directory. Downloads are below. Distribution is encouraged, as long as it is not done for commercial purposes. 

Coal Plants and the Wealth of Cities
What Texas Cities Can Do To Stop Coal Plants and Global Warming - 2.6 MB

We Can Meet Growing Demand for Power in Texas with Energy Efficiency - 2.1 MB

We Can Meet Growing Demand for Power in Texas with Efficient Buildings - 5.5 MB

We Can Meet Growing Demand for Power in Texas with Renewable Energy - 4.4 MB

We Can Meet Growing Demand for Energy in Texas with Combined Heat & Power - 5.5 MB