Bill Aleshire

Bill Aleshire handles regulatory matters before agencies, legal representation at the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH), district court, the various courts of appeal and the Texas Supreme Court. His expertise lies in asserting our clients’ interests before governmental bodies at the local (i.e. county, city, school district) and state or federal levels, as well as legislative and executive agencies.

Before getting his law degree in 2001, Bill served as Travis County Judge between 1987 and 1998. Bill served as Travis County Tax Collector from 1980 to 1985.

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Frederick, Perales, Allmon, and Rockwell

We are advocates for the natural environment. We have deep and broad experience with the laws that can safeguard that environment. Over the years, we have done a lot of work related to solid waste, water and air pollution, and endangered species protection. We have fought incompatible land uses. We help clients protect their surroundings and wildlife and enjoy a healthy environment in the face of industrialization and urbanization.

Our loyalties are not divided. We do not argue one day for waivers/variances from protections and the next, for strict enforcement. We understand that all legal fights have a political aspect to them.

Partners: David Frederick, Marisa Perales, Eric Allmon, Brad Rockwell. Rick Lowerre, of counsel. Our principal office is in Austin, Texas.


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Jeanine Lehman

Jeanine Lehman is a licensed Texas Attorney located in Austin. She founded her firm in 1987 and has practiced law throughout Texas for over 30 years. Her practice concentrates on corporate and business law, including medical/dental/health, high tech, corporate, partnership, real estate, finance, and general business and contract law. She has a special interest in assisting dentists and physicians with legal needs, and attends licensure board meetings and studies, writes, and speaks concerning legal developments affecting them. She writes the Dental Legal Update and Medical Legal Update, available on her website.

Jeanine Lehman regularly speaks to professional and business groups, and welcomes speaking engagements.

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Jim Nias

James M. Nias is a former Assistant City Attorney for the City of Austin, Assistant City Attorney for the City of Amarillo, and Assistant County Attorney for Potter County, Texas.

Mr. Nias has extensive experience in land use and development, property rights, planning and zoning law, utilities and environmental matters, as well as real estate transactions, condominium creations and conversions, property owner association matters, and real estate related litigation.

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Our experienced legal team is committed to providing quality legal services in a professional manner while keeping costs affordable to the client. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants by providing a broad range of legal advice and services in the areas involving: enforcement of environmental protection regulations, businesses and non-profits, litigation, criminal defense, agencies in suits alleging Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations, municipal and governmental entities, guardianship and probate, personal injury, residential and commercial real estate, wills and estate planning, and wrongful death claims.

Attorneys: Tom Buckle, Doug Young, David Sander, Willie Schmerler, Jeff Tippens. Eliot Naishtat, of counsel.


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