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Health effects from global warming include heat stroke, creation of more ozone in the atmosphere (which can aggravate respiratory illness and heat disease), more allergenic pollen in the air, and more toxic forms of poison ivy.


Texas Physicians for Social Responsibility

P.O. Box 26663

Austin, TX 78755

Yaira Robinson (512) 658-7755

E-Mail: txpsrdirector@gmail.com

Net: texaspsr.org

Purpose: Texas Physicians for Social Responsibility is an environmental advocacy group committed to a safe environment and a healthier Texas.  The group consists of physicians, nurses, and concerned citizens. We are the regional affiliate of the national group Physicians for Social Responsibility, the largest physician-led organization in the U.S.  Our primary concern is eliminating underlying environmental factors that cause sickness and disease.  We feel that health-care professionals can no longer simply treat symptoms, but must prevent what we cannot cure.

Texas PSR pursues positive change through education and advocacy efforts.  Texas PSR has been effective in providing expertise in support of environmental initiatives through community outreach, lectures and special events, editorials, and government agency testimony.

Projects/Activities: Our current focus areas are clean air/climate change, healthy food in healthcare, and toxics in our environment.

Meetings: See Web site.

Volunteer Opportunities: We welcome volunteers.

Environmental Health League of Central Texas

P.O. Box 1207

Wimberley, TX 78676

Robbie E. Lea (512) 842-1133

E-mail: rel787@outlook.com

Net: txeh.org

Purpose: 1) To provide information and support to individuals who have had chemical injuries and to those who have chemical sensitivity/intolerance;  2) To help educate the community about the impact of toxins on human health and the environment; 3) To suggest safer alternatives to toxic products.

Projects/Activities: Monthly meetings in or near Austin that provide an opportunity to share information and experiences with one another; occasional speakers on related topics.  We give counseling and networking via telephone.  We conduct public outreach and education at schools and community events.

Newsletters/Publications: We offer handouts and suggest books and DVDs on such topics as less toxic living guidelines, safer laundry products, environmental pest control, toxic chemicals in fragrances, and understanding and accommodating people with chemical sensitivities.

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