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Cars and light trucks made up 16% of U.S. greenhouse emissions in 2014.  Bicycles, mass transit, electric vehicles, and fuel efficient vehicles can all reduce or almost eliminate carbon emissions.


1000 Brazos Street, Suite 100

Austin, TX 78701

Mercedes Feris (512) 587-8136

E-Mail: mercedes@bikeaustin.org

Facebook: facebook.com/bikeaustin

Net: bikeaustin.org

Purpose: Bike Austin is a successor to the former Austin Cycling Association and the old Bike Austin.  The organizations joined in 2012, with the joint purpose of improving cycling as a form of transportation, exercise, and recreation.  Bicycling supports the community as a whole by increasing roadway capacity and user mobility, strengthening household affordability, improving the environment, and promoting an active, healthy lifestyle.

Projects/Activities: Bike Austin’s efforts fall into three categories:  Education, Advocacy, and Rides.  We offer a variety of on-the-bike and classroom courses (see Web site for details).  We host two major fundraiser events per year: The Armadillo Hill Country Classic, and the Easter Hill Country Tour; plus over 500 regular daily rides throughout the year, generally free and open to the public.  (Again, see Web site.)

Our advocacy programs include engaging in the Austin Council elections, supporting the City’s Bicycle Master Plan, and actively engaging in meetings in support of bike facilities.

Meetings:  Generally the last Wednesday of the month at 1000 Brazos.

Newsletters/Publications: E-newsletter under “Get Involved” section of Web site.

Volunteer Opportunities:  Many and varied.  See Web site.

Dues: $20 year/Student; $35 year/Individual; $50 year/Family; $100 year/Supporting.


301 E. 5th Street

Austin, TX 78702

Robin Stallings (512) 476-7433

E-mail: mail@biketexas.org
Net: BikeTexas.org

Purpose: BikeTexas is the statewide nonprofit organization that advances bicycle access, safety, and education at the local, state and federal level. We encourage and promote bicycling, increased safety, and improved conditions. We unite and inspire people and provide a cohesive voice for those who ride bikes in Texas.  We celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2016!

Projects/Activities: “Safe Routes to School” Educational Materials – Distribute tens of thousands of educational booklets and bicycle lights per year to schools, police departments, and other community leaders.

Texas Bicycle Coalition Advocacy – Member-funded.  Work with elected and other public officials on local, state, and federal levels, especially during Texas Legislative Sessions.  Focus on legislation and policy promoting bicycle safety.

Consultation with community leaders across Texas on advocacy and implementation of safe cycling and active transportation infrastructure, policies, and programming throughout the state.

“SafeCyclist Teacher Training Program” –  Certified over 4,000 elementary school PE teachers and reached more than two million school children in Texas since 1998 to use 15-unit curriculum to teach children bike safety.

Volunteer Opportunities:  A variety of opportunities are available, from fleet maintenance to public outreach to advocacy and education efforts.

Newsletters/Publications: Monthly e-newsletters available for members; updates posted on Web site and social media channels.

Dues: Levels vary.  Donate on Web site.

Yellow Bike Project

1216 Webberville Rd.

Austin, TX 78721

Contact (512) 524-5299

E-mail: austinyellowbike@gmail.com

Net: austinyellowbike.org

Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Austins-Yellow-Bike-Project/194137973930427

Purpose: Yellow Bike Project (YBP) 501c(3) is a volunteer-powered initiative to put bicycles on the streets of Austin and Central Texas by operating community bike shops, teaching bike mechanics and maintenance, and acting as a local bike advocacy group.

Projects/Activities: YBP runs workshops where visitors can fix up their own bike with our tools and help, learn bicycle mechanics by volunteering, and participate in our Earn-A-Bike program.  We also carry a selection of refurbished sale bikes, have a warehouse full of thrifty used parts, and offer classes for both youth and adults.

Regular Meeting Dates: The YBP Collective meets at the shop on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 PM, with time for public input at 8 PM.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are always welcome at our Open Shops and Volunteer-Only Shops. Volunteers may also participate in our Earn-A-Bike program or fulfill community service requirements, all while helping keep the shop running and fixing up more bikes for those in need!

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